Over the past few years, it’s not just honey that we all realize has wonderful health benefits; it seems that bee pollen itself has become all the buzz.  So, what is it?  Well, we all know it’s the actually pollen – but it’s more than that.

What is Bee Pollen?

Bee pollen is a supplement.  A darned good one as it turns out and here’s why you should consider bee pollen as a supplement for yourself, especially if you have allergies.  Bee pollen is really a food.  It’s high in protein, as well as other antioxidants and vitamins, which makes it one of nature’s perfect super foods. Here’s how it’s created: bees go from flower to flower collecting pollen to bring back to the hive where they create the granules.  The pollen is collected by bee keepers.  The great thing about this is that bees are NOT harmed in the process of collecting bee pollen from the hives.

What’s an allergy?

An allergy happens when your body develops a response to an allergen, creating antibodies. This is known as an immune response and this is actually supposed to happen.  The antibodies that are created are designed to release histamine which causes the reaction we all experience – puffy eyes, scratchy throat, runny nose, congestion and more.  If you have ever looked on the label of your favorite over the counter allergy medicine box, you will notice it says “anti-histamine” which is a pharmaceutical way of fighting that reaction.  However, bee pollen reduces histamine naturally, which is the same target over -the-counter medications act upon and it does it without all of the side effects such as drowsiness.  Taken regularly, bee pollen can be effective for a number of other respiratory ailments, ranging from asthma to chronic sinus infections.

How do I know I am buying quality bee pollen?

Bee pollen, as well as honey, always works best when you buy locally.  This is very important because it helps build up your immunity to those things in your area that are making you miserable.  Think about it like this:  what good is buying bee pollen from a store that has it shipped in from hundreds of miles away?  Nothing against their bees – I am sure their bees are fine little workers too, but those plants are NOT what are making you cough, sneeze and want to stay indoors.  The plants and flowers in YOUR environment – much closer to home, like the surrounding counties and cities throughout the state of Georgia are the ones driving you crazy.  That’s where you want your pollen and honey to be created.  So, if you live in the Georgia area, you really need the work of Georgia bees.

You also want to be sure you are buying 100% bee pollen from a reputable source like ours at Atlanta’s Hometown Honey.  We not only belong to a number of associations but we are USDA approved as well.

How do I buy bee pollen?

Bee pollen is sold in jars.  You can buy it in a couple of sizes directly from our online store or visit one of our local merchants that sell it.   After you buy it, you can use it over the top of your cereal or yogurt.  You can blend it into a smoothie.  It doesn’t take much to reap the benefit of bee pollen.