Did you know that honeybees are Georgia’s state insect? That’s right! Honeybees are essential to our crops and nearly every bite we take. They are not dangerous and can only sting once and then they will die.  Oh, if only we could say the same about harmful things such as venomous snakes and spiders.  But honeybees are not harmful and will only sting to protect themselves or their hives. That’s because the hive is where the family lives, making honey.

And speaking of honey,  honeybees produce over 860 different kinds of honey in the 50 U.S. states. Color, taste and smell will differ depending on the flowers the bees visit, collecting nectar. The bees pollenate the flowers, the flower creates the seeds or fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains or cotton. The plant then provides the oxygen, wood, medicines and food that we need to survive.  That’s a pretty important job, wouldn’t you say?

You can help your local honeybees by providing colorful flowers in your yard during the warm months. Visit your local garden supply for some ideas on what will bloom for the summer and attract honeybees.  In addition, be careful of what you spray on your plants.  Certain pesticides will kill honeybees inadvertently.  If you are using a professional company to provide your lawn and tree care, be sure to communicate your wishes to them ahead of time.  They may need to make adjustments to the areas of your yard so that honeybees are not harmed during their spray.

And finally, since the bees have worked so hard to create that wonderful honey, don’t forget to visit our website to stock up on your honey, wax, candles and more – all compliments from our local honeybees!