There’s nothing worse than a cough.  When you are not feeling well, is when you need sleep the most to fight off your cold, flu or other related illness.  A cough keeps you awake night after night and it wears your body down.  It causes every muscle in your body to hurt.  It makes you so exhausted that you just want to sleep but every time you get just about comfortable, the cough wakes you.  We’ve all been there.

There is no cure for the common cold.  However, there are some some tried and true remedies to help slow that cough down so you can rest and you can be your best again.

Honey by the spoonful – just a teaspoonful of honey every couple of hours will sooth your throat and stop the cough so that you can rest.

Honey in the cup – add a bit of honey to your hot tea with a little lemon juice (fresh lemon works best).  Sip on the hot tea, letting the steam open you up.  This not only soothes the cough but it helps your throat and can foster a healing effect for laryngitis.  

Hot Toddy – years ago people would mix lemon juice, a small amount of whiskey and a teaspoon of honey and warm it just a touch.  This is an old fashioned cough remedy and it still works wonders today.  Not only does it soothe the throat by coating it with the honey and lemon but the small amount of alcohol provides warmth and relaxes the muscles from the constant urge that produces the cough.  Taken at bed time, this can be the perfect thing to help promote rest.

The great thing about honey is that is a healthy option that can be used instead of prescriptions or OTC medicines and it is safe enough to continue to use in addition to whatever your doctor may prescribe!