Many times the honey that you see on the store shelf is labeled “pure honey” when in fact, it is not. Pure honey is more than a label.  Pure honey, 100% pure honey, is the only honey to get the true benefits that honey has to offer.  Sure, you can purchase whatever the store sells and it will taste sweet but it will never taste the same as a pure, true 100% nature made honey, like we sell at Atlanta’s Home Town Honey.  

What Makes Ours Different?

First, most of the store bought honey comes from overseas.  In fact, much of it comes from China.  To reap the greatest benefit from your honey, you really should know where the honey is gathered. This is because the bees gather the pollen from the area where they feed and that is their local area – from the flowers around them.  To combat seasonal allergies, fight off colds, improve overall health, it’s better to have honey from bees that gathered pollen from your area of the world.  This is how your immunity is improved.  Our allergy sufferers will tell you – one teaspoon a day is all it takes and our honey, taken regularly, over a sustained period of time, can help control those allergy symptoms.

Secondly, unlike the honey shipped in from overseas, our pure honey has no additives.  We do not add preservatives, coloring and other things to make it look or taste like something it is not.  We do not need to do that because our honey is what it is: it’s awesome straight from our bees.  It looks good and it tastes perfect just like it is.

Why do stores sell overseas rather than pure?

It all comes down to volume and profit.  Stores are in it for profit.  That is why we typically stay away from big box stores.  In this manner we can provide our honey to our customers in the purest state at the best cost.

How do you sell and where can I get it?

We sell our honey and honey products online – here on our website and at Farmers Markets throughout year as well as a number of local stores.  You can always have our product shipped directly to you so you never run low.

Take control of those allergies today.  It tastes great.  No medicine after effect.  No drowsiness and lots of benefits!  Bee Healthy.  Eat Your Honey!