Honey’s not only the best natural source for a sweetener, but it has benefits that most people do not know.  Got a cough or sore throat? These days, we run to the pharmacy but did you know that our parents and grandparents often relied on honey to soothe?  The common household cough syrup before bedtime recipe used to be the following: 1 tsp of local honey; squeeze of fresh lemon; shot of bourbon or whiskey.  Mix all together and take just before bedtime.  Who needed that awful green stuff in the bottle??  This remedy worked like a charm, soothing the throat, easing the cough, helping relax without that horrible taste of over the counter cough syrups.

With the side effects of OTC medicines now, it’s no wonder we have all decided to go back to natural health choices to relieve colds, heartburn, skin rashes and other minor ailments.  For every medicine we take, prescription or OTC, there are side effects.  And to counter those side effects, we take another medicine.  It becomes a vicious cycle until one day you open your medicine cabinet and wonder how it all got started.

This article is not to suggest that modern medicines are not necessary.  There are illnesses and diseases that require doctors’ care and modern medicine, for sure.  But there are some ailments, like allergies, coughs, colds, skin care and more that can be helped by honey and other natural sources.

A Teaspoon of Prevention

Fall is just around the corner.  Start now by taking 1 teaspoon of our honey each day.  You can purchase it here online in any quantity you want.  We recommend our bear.  It’s easy to pour.  You will be amazed at the difference it will make when the season changes and it’s allergy time.  If you get a cold, add some honey and lemon to hot tea and sip on that throughout the day.  It not only helps with any chills you may have but it soothes your cough and sore throat.

Stay tuned for more ways you can use honey in your every day life!  Isn’t that SWEET???