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Thank you for your interest in selling our Hometown Honey products. Hometown Honey has been in business over 20 years! We began as a backyard venture to pollinate our fruit trees. Here we are with hundreds of hives in many locations across North Georgia and the best honey around! We are members of MABA, GBA, and ABF.

You may have some questions so here are a few of our most common:

  1. What are the requirements? At a minimum you must have a physical place of business to sell the products, an EIN number and a business license. You will also need to pay for the products when you order for them to be delivered. Orders will only be delivered to the business address that is on file for the business.
  2. Is there a required retail price? If approved, you may elect to order your products online with an online account.  Or you may contact us directly by email or phone to place your order for your products at our wholesale pricing. You may view the retail pricing that is suggested but you are free to determine your own retail.
  3. Is there a limit to marketing efforts? You must keep our label on the products unless you seek our permission first. However, you can create your own bundles, basket combinations or packages for your store.
  4. Is there an order minimum? We do require a minimum order of at least $100.00 for each order since we provide free delivery to you for your orders, so we ask that you give careful consideration to the amount that you place. This prevents unplanned trips which allows us to continue free delivery.
  5. Are all products available? Yes, if approved, you can sell our honey, candles, honey straws, soaps and more.
  6. Will there be someone to call with questions about the products? Absolutely. If you have questions about our bees, our hives or our honey, we are available.
  7. What can I tell people to sell the honey?
    • We never use chemicals or pesticides
    • Our customers love it and keep coming back
    • We are USDA approved
    • 100% pure raw and natural
    • Honey is local – great for allergies
    • Hometown Honey is a member of several prominent organizations such as: MABA, GBA, ABF
  8. Will you help me with marketing?
    Absolutely! Your business will be listed on our website. We will list your business name, number and a website if you have one. From time to time, we also feature businesses on our Facebook and Instagram pages. We also promote your business at our markets or to anyone who wants to purchase honey in person.

    You can find more information on the pages of our website. We have articles about our honey, the health benefits and even a few recipes that you can suggest.

Call us to apply at: 770-428.4903

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